1. Enclosed AC -DC Power Supply
  2. Interchangeable AC Pin PSU
  3. LED Driver
  4. Open Frame PSU
  5. PCB Mount PSU
  6. Plug Top Power Supply
  7. Description
  8. USB Output UPSU
  9. Desktop Power Supply
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  11. Description
Smart Power Solutions
  • Plug top power supplies
  • Desktop power supplies
  • Interchangeable AC pin power supplies
  • Enclosed power supplies
  • Open frame power supplies
  • DC to DC converters
  • AC to DC PCB mountable PSU
  • Din rail mount power supplies
  • USB output
  • LED drivers
  • Transformers and inductors
Full technical support
The Actus range of power supplies includes a comprehensive portfolio of high quality, high performance, standards compliant solutions.

Our wide range offers OEMs, CEM,s Dealers and Distributors a cost effective solution with high efficiency, low standby mode consumption and power factor correction.

We also offer full technical support, product advice and logistics services to ensure you get the ideal power solution for your application and continued support throughout the product lifecycle.

We are also able to offer custom or semi-custom alternatives should you need a solution not in our current range - use our Contact page to enquire about a custom solution  or take a look at our standard wide range of `Smart power solutions range on the Products page.
Latest Products
  1. Plug Top Power Supply
    Plugtop PSU
    Actus plugtop power supplies have a power range from 1 Watt up to 40 Watts and are designed for a diverse range of domestic and commercial electrical purposes.
  2. PlugTop USB Chargers
    USB Output
    We can supply a wide range of single or multi port USB output chargers including Plug and Desktop version and also offer various colours and plug types for UK, Europe, US and many other countries.
  3. LED Drivers
    LED Drivers
    We have LED drivers for both indoor and outdoor installations, to suit your lighting requirements. Our efficient and reliable LED drivers offer features such as power factor correction, high efficiency, compact size and isolated or non-isolated design.
  4. Transformers
    In addition to our standard range of transformers which includes Toroidal transformers and inductors plus EI transformers from 5VA to 1000VA. Ask about our custom service.
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Our technical support team are on hand to offer you product advice and design in support whatever type of power supply you require.

If a solution is not available from our extensive standard range we can take your custom requirement and develop the ideal power supply whether it be a semi or fully customised solution we will ensure you have the ideal product for your application which is standards compliant and fully guaranteed.  

Read more by downloading our brochure here:

Get in touch
If you have a requirement for a standard or custom power supply for any application call your local support team today on:  +44(0)1442 284766  or use our contact form.